Woodlaast – saematerjali tootmine ja müük

Who we are

Woodlaast OÜ is a young and ambitious small company in the traditional woodworking industry. We are located in the southernmost part of Estonia, in the vicinity of the Estonian-Latvian border. Surrounded by the primeval forests and ancient landscapes of Paganamaa (Old Heathen’s Land), we see respect for the community and environmental consciousness as foundational for business sustainability. As we continue to build our company, we look for every opportunity to invest in modern, energy efficient, and environmentally friendly technology. We produce the greenest possible forest-based products. We have brought our 150 kW solar capacity up to date. We have promised not to stop there. We believe we have the responsibility to make a positive impact on the environment. This offers the best value to our customers and the community.

Our activities:

  • We produce sawn timber from local logs and provide the contract sawmilling.
  • We produce wooden and plywood shipping crates and pallets.
  • We build log houses, saunas, and other installations for backyards and public spaces.
  • We produce and market firewood.

We aim for sustainable growth in harmony with our community and our customers. We work systematically to minimize our operational footprint. We constantly look for ways to improve our processes, save energy, and use raw materials as efficiently as possible.