Woodlaast – saematerjali tootmine ja müük

The main activity of Woodlaast OÜ is producing and selling solid timber products. The main product group is sawn timber. We make the first cuts in our sawing process with a wideband Wood-Mizer WB2000 PRO sawmill, delivering the best that both narrow and wideband technologies have to offer. It can saw large diameter softwood and hardwood logs, providing the highest quality cuts, process versatility, cost efficiency, and high log material utilization. We can process even the most irregular logs and handle custom orders easily. Our sawn timber is used in Estonia and in export markets, as well as in construction, in the packaging industry, and as an input for furniture, door, and window manufacture. Our production relies 100% on renewable energy.

Maximum dimensions of the logs we can cut on our sawmill:

  • Length: 8,8 meters
  • Diameter: 900 mm
  • Weight: 6 tons

We have other traditional woodworking machines for further processing sawn timber, when necessary: a 5-blade edger-multirip, a 2-sided planer, a reciprocating saw, a format table saw, and a drilling machine. The purpose of our technological versatility, sustainability targets, and the accelerated use of solar energy is to provide a built-in sustainable advantage delivering better outcomes for our forests, people, and businesses. We are eager to continuously develop our capabilities for adding more value to our products.