Woodlaast – saematerjali tootmine ja müük

We have created wooden buildings, namely log houses and saunas, for years. Our craftsmen started learning by doing for their own use. They developed their up-to-date commercial skills by working for Estonian manufacturing companies that also serve demanding export customers. Now, they have come home and operate under their own Woodlaast brand, offering customers personalized and sustainable solutions at a very high quality.

We offer:

  • Log houses and saunas,
  • Smaller wooden buildings and constructions for homes, such as garden and grill houses, solid garden furniture, sandpits, shelters, and kitchenettes, and
  • Smaller wooden buildings and constructions for public spaces, such as parks and hiking trails, solid furniture, wooden boardwalks, information boards, and private lavatories.

Like every company, we work hard to offer our customers more value and more joy for our employees. Our natural wooden handcrafted buildings are impossible to beat. We appreciate every chance we get to serve you!